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Drain Cleaning Services

The Lakeville branch of Jetter Clean uses water and only water to clean your drains. Advanced water jets propel through your pipes, spraying them clean. Jetter Clean’s patented Jet Van uses water, along with over a dozen specialized nozzles that direct the water jets, to optimally clean each drain or pipe. 

Our technicians are highly skilled in the best jetting techniques to clear lines of roots, ice, grease and other debris. Jetter Clean can clear and clean any of the following lines and more: 

  • Clogged Main drain 
  • Clogged Toilet drain
  • Clogged Sink drain
  • Clogged Basement drain
  • Clogged Tile line
  • Sewer Lines
  • Septic Lines
  • Floor Drains 
  • Shower Lines
  • Bath Tubs

Whether residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial or municipal, we clean them all. Using a pipe inspection camera, our technicians inspect your lines, determine the cause of your drainage problem and use the best jetting techniques to unclog your drains.

Jetter Clean offers same day, 24/7 drain cleaning service in and around the Lakeville and Twin Cities area with a 30 Day Residential Guarantee for the lines we open and clean (Video required for main line guarantee).

Roots   Grease   even   Ice

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Jetter Clean Lakeville

Andy has been jetting drains clean since 2010. He has the unique combination of hard working and great attitude, telling customers to relax and give me ten minutes.

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Map showing Jetter Clean Locations across southern Minnesota and Sioux Falls South Dakota